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Six years ago, three Long Island teenagers were murdered—their drowned bodies discovered with sand dollars placed over their eyes. The mystery of the drowning summer was never solved, but as far as the town’s concerned, Evelyn Mackenzie’s father did it. His charges were dropped only because Evelyn summoned a ghost to clear his name. She swore never to call a spirit again.

She lied.
For generations, Mina Zanetti’s family has used the ocean’s power to guide the dead to their final resting place. But as sea levels rise, the ghosts grow more dangerous, and Mina has been shut out of the family business. When her former friend Evelyn performs another summoning that goes horribly wrong, the two girls must uncover who was really behind the drowning summer murders—and navigate their growing attraction—before the line between life and death dissolves for good.
Beautifully written and enticingly witchy, The Drowning Summer is an eerie story perfect for reading under a full moon.

A gorgeously atmospheric contemporary fantasy by the NYT bestselling author of The Devouring Gray duology and All of Us Villains


out now from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

cover design by Karina Granda and Patrick Hulse

cover art by Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor



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"Herman’s deft hand weaves a tale that's equal parts spooky and romantic. A ghost story for any season."

--Mara Fitzgerald, author of Beyond the Ruby Veil

"Herman expertly pairs real world issues with the supernatural in this spooky mystery complete with a swoon worthy queer romance. Readers will be haunted by this beautiful and eerie book long after they finish the final page."

--Jennifer Dugan, author of Some Girls Do

"The descriptions of magic and hauntings are sensory delights...immersed in multilayered personal relationships and engrossing mysteries.”

―Kirkus Reviews

“Haunting and atmospheric, THE DROWNING SUMMER is a gorgeous exploration of what it means to forge our own path. With complex characters and a setting so vivid I could smell the salt air, readers will eagerly wade into this timely, eerie tale.”

- Rachel Griffin, New York Times bestselling author of The Nature of Witches

"A story of two lost girls trying to find their way back to each other after a broken friendship. With unforgettable characters, vivid imagery and lush atmosphere, this story will keep you guessing about what really happened to the tragic Cliffside Trio while you root for Mina and Evelyn to let down their guard and embrace their connection. If you love magic, true crime, and complicated friendships this book is for you!” 

— Kat Cho, Internationally bestselling author of Vicious Spirits 

UK Edition:

out now from Titan Books

Mina Zanetti is a fledgling medium, desperate to share in her mother's world and speak with the dead. But Sand Dollar Cove is a grieving town, still recovering from the unsolved murders of three teenagers six years ago, found with sand dollars on their eyes. And Evelyn Mackenzie has felt every day of it, as the town blames her father for the deaths.


When Mina and Evelyn conduct a ritual to speak to the dead they unwittingly become the centre of a deadly triangle - who murdered those teenagers, Mina's family and their hidden past, and the furies of the spirit realm. Mina And Evelyn must learn to rebuild their trust, and unearth all the buried mysteries of Sand Dollar Cove to lay the ghosts of The Drowning Summer to rest.


cover design by Natasha Mackenzie

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